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Biophora is the first medically supervised skin care program for adult skin that is privately manufactured for the cosmetic surgery, dermatology and physician market in Canada.  These treatments are used as a corrective and maintenance skin rejuvenation and also an acneic program for adult skin.






Footlogix foot care mousse helps increase elasticity, which allows the skin to become perfectly healthy. With no greasy outer layer, the skin retains its ability to transpire normally.

KRYSTALUNA body jewels are delicate handmade works of art designed with Swarovski crystals and other delightful gems of infinite shapes.

They are the erfect way to express your personality and your mood of the day.

Symbols of sensuality or simply a touch of eccentricity, these hypoallergenic adhesive body jewels can be worn on and on by using the KRYSTALUNA glue. Get your KRYSTALUNA body jewels applied professionally here at SB Electrolysis/Spa Bellissima.

Let yourself be tempted…

Mary Cohr goes to the heart of nature to obtain the best for women’s beauty.  Mary Cohr laboratories indeed select the best plants, from which the very best active ingredients are extracted; the latter are then incorporated into our products at the optimal concentrations, in order to obtain the best beauty results for you.

Mary Cohr was the first beauty salon brand to create beauty treatments that are as natural as possible — GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free, with skin-compatible scents – so that your skin can obtain nourishment from the best and the most active of the secrets held within plants.



Eyelash extensions methods are numerous, but they often dash your hopes. After many years of research in our laboratory, we are proud to offer a product that you will not find anywhere else. Indeed, Misencil is the very first company worldwide to take advantage of the French cosmetology know-how and standards to give you the Glamorous Look that will change your life.