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October Newsletter

5 Reasons why Golf Is the Best Sport in the World!

Improved Concentration
All types of sports require a certain amount of concentration from their participants, however golf takes it one step further – Those who have mastered the art of the ‘swing’ have an ability to stay focused during 4-5 hour long games; As a result playing a few rounds with friends is a perfect way to relieve stress accumulated during the week and the problems of day to day life seem to disappear.

Improved Physical Condition
Even though it is not considered a highly physically demanding sport, golfers run an average of 7 to 10 kilometers per game, with some golf courses exceeding 1,000km in length. This physical exercise has very positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol not forgetting the actual swinging itself which exercises muscles such as the glutes, dorsal, forearms etc. amongst many others.

Increased Creativity
Things rarely go according to plan and improvisation is an indispensable quality present in all golfers; considering how many factors can interrupt the gameplay of the sport such as changes in the weather, the condition of the greens, water obstacles, size of the sand traps and bunkers etc. Escaping such hectic situations requires vast amounts of creativity.

Longer Life Expectancy
This sport also promotes a long life expectancy golfers live an average of 5 years longer on average than those who don’t play golf.

Social Relations
Due to its social interaction, practicing ones ‘swing’ is a perfect way to meet new and interesting people.

Who wants to play? 🙂