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July Newsletter

SEQEX : A Quantum Leap To Ultimate Health

What is a SEQEX bed?
SEQEX is a wellness device that can be constantly re-tuned to your specific individual needs. This is done with Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. It comes in the form of mat and is made of extremely durable, waterproof vinyl and is placed on a medical bed.

What does it feel like?
Most users do not feel anything immediately while being treated- it’s the subtle, gentle quantum charges to your personal quantum field that are first noticed, such as better sleep, more energy, clarity of thought, and a general feeling of well being.

After several sessions, the body begins to detox. The cells can then be nourished with oxygen minerals, and vitamins. Stem cells begin to regenerate and repair damaged organs and the immune system is activated to fight viruses and harmful bacteria. Blood circulation is also increased, which also improves skin completion.

How does it work?
Most agree that when a magnetic field passes through a human cell, the electric voltage potential of the cell is increased. Just like when batteries in a flashlight are depleted, the light gets dim. Similarly, PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy works in the same way. As the electromagnetic fields move through your body, the electric portion of the filed recharge the cells.

Since you have many different types of cells in your body, each cell has its own charging characteristics. Various tones are played into the magnetic coils inside the mat, which then generates an electromagnetic field. As the person lies on the mat, the electric field vibrates the walls of every cell in their body. The cell wall then becomes permeable. The toxin leaves the bone cells and is replaced by calcium from your diet. Blood cells work in a similar manner.

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