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December Newsletter

Get rid of unwanted cellulite and firm your skin with help from Spa Bellissima 

Is there anything more unsightly than cellulite? Whether it is in our arms, legs or elsewhere, cellulite looks terrible and negatively affects a person`s self-image. Fortunately people don`t have to live with nasty looking cellulite any longer thanks to modern, state-of-the-art procedures designed to break down cellulite. Spa Bellissima Cosmetic and Medical Spa based in Milton, Ontario offers its clients a deep action treatment for cellulite with Dermo-Lipo-Sculpting that can help with this condition.  

The Dermo-Lipo-Sculpting treatment has three simultaneous slimming actions.  First, the Lipo-Sculpting breaks down the cellulite. Second, the Ionisation dissolves the cellulite. Third, the stimulation drains the toxins and restores firmness. The Dermo-Lipo Sculpting procedure fights cellulite located in the arms, waist, stomach, thighs and knees.  It is the best way to tackle and remove cellulite. People who have the procedure are amazed by the results and feel an instant boost in their self-confidence and personal appearance. It is recommended that 12 treatments are completed over a period of two to three weeks. To help us help you, you need to purchase two take home products that need to be applied twice daily. 

The TechniSPA® treatments offer exceptional results, thanks to the simultaneous use of three specific technologies:

1. Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration

In a single technical step, the massage head provides dual slimming action. As it moves over the skin, it has a vacuum effect, forming a double skin fold that boosts the effectiveness of the treatment.Patented system.

2. Double Slimming Ionisation

The double ionisation technique optimises the penetration and diffusion of the ACTIVE GEL SERUM slimming ingredients into the skin to enhance treatment results.

3. Thermal Slimming Effect

Heat diffusion helps dissolve fat on the skin’s surface and activate cutaneous microcirculation, stimulating tissue drainage and smoothing away cellulite, while ensuring optimal comfort for the client.

SLIMMING ANTI-CELLULITE ACTIVE GEL SERUM is a concentration of natural active ingredients that work synergistically to fight against and eliminate cellulite.

Pineapple Bromelain “breaks down” fat deposits and thereby helps Caffeine deeply penetrate the skin to burn and eliminate fat. 

People who have been struggling with cellulite and want to do something about it should contact Spa Bellissima today. The procedures offered to treat cellulite are safe and effective. To learn more about Spa Bellissima and all that it has to offer its customers, please visit them in-person, or call 905.876.1711, or check them out online at: www.spabellissima.ca.